The Monkey and other things

Here you are! Let's entertain ourselves for a minute or two talking about the monkey on infloox. Or, if you prefer, about monkeys in general, what they like or dislike to eat, and over what books they like to rest their drowsy head upon finishing their midday snack.

Alternatively, we can discuss what this website is about. Which of the two topics would you prefer?

That's what I thought. So let's change topic a bit.

infloox gravitates around one question:

What are famous people's favourite books... ... today and throughout history?

This is a simple question — but one with many possible exciting extensions and infinite opportunities for development!

From this, infloox has grown into:

  • a search-engine book guide. It is available, and will continue to expand, in five languages;
  • a new kind of encyclopedia, onto which everyone can add new data and vote;
  • the first artificial generator of aggregate statistics (by country, group, or historical period) on the popularity of any work.

We want to help book lovers, music fans, film buffs choose what to read, what to listen to, what to watch. We want to help students understand which works were the most influential for specific figures as well as for generations as a whole. We want to help parents offer their children the same works that touched the lives of important people in the past. We want to provide young people with one more role-modeling tool, so that they can imitate, through reading, the famous people they most love. And, of course, as our content continues to grow, we also aim at becoming an academic tool for the more sophisticated readers, musicians, scholars.

What are the favourite books of the Einsteins, the Napoleons, the Beatles, the Shakespeares, past and present?

What were the favourite readings of past US Presidents (taken as a whole, as a generic category), of famous opera singers, of current pop-music stars, of 17th-century pirates and explorers, of History's greatest military generals? What books were they fascinated by, perhaps as teenagers — so much so that these works would leave a mark on all of their later life achievements?

And more than that! We want to know about these works in order of importance — as if in a sort of personal “best-sellers' list” for each famous person — always remembering to justify virtually all data through specific sources.

In addition, we have taken into account that famous people are also influenced not only by specific works, but also by the spirit of their generation, by the charisma of some great minds they encountered in their past.

The infloox search engine will allow you to ask all these questions: whether for a specific famous individual, or for a group as a whole — from the angle of specific activities and job categories, countries, local regions within countries, historical periods, cultural generations — and from all combinations and permutations possible and imaginable.

And that's only the beginning!

We hope you'll enjoy infloox™! Because what you read is what you become.