The company

Infloox Inc. is an independent company based in Toronto (Canada). It created, owns and operates the website infloox, and has ownership of the Infloox™ and Outfloox™ trademarks. For more information, contact us.

Senior management

Raiko Mancini

Chief Executive Officer

Raiko Mancini graduated from Harvard University (in economics) and from the University of Oxford (in literature), but did not enjoy the food at either institution.

An investment banker, he worked for several years (in London and New York) in the corporate-finance, mergers-and-acquisitions, and equity-research departments of top investment-banking firms such as Credit Suisse (First Boston), NM Rothschild & Sons, and ABN AMRO, as well as at the then-world's-largest hedge fund, Caxton Associates. In these roles, he specialized in finance deals related to media and technology.

He had previously published a book, in Italian, on French thinker Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Breviario di Rousseau, Rusconi, 1998). Italian by birth and mother-tongue, he was brought up and educated in the US and Canada. He is the founder and CEO of Infloox Inc.

Pierre Thibaudeau

Chief Technology Officer

Pierre Thibaudeau graduated from the University of Montreal with a degree both in mathematics and physics. He spent several years as a Canadian National Scholar (for Science-and-Engineering, NSERC award), and as a mathematics Ph.D. student at the University of Cambridge (England) where he focused on algebraic topology, cohomology of groups, and number theory. More recently, he worked as a computer programmer, using cutting-edge mathematical theories.

Raiko approached him in the early days of conception of infloox, and since then Pierre has been the mastermind behind the IT architecture and software of infloox.

Canadian by birth, his mother-tongue is French. He is now the Chief Technology Officer of Infloox Inc.