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Introducing infloox™, the website on influential people's influential works!

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Now, let's consider a specific example. Say, you are interested in Agatha Christie! infloox™ allows you to find:

  • her favourite books or authors;
  • the most famous readers of all her books, and why they liked them;
  • whether one of her books served as an inspiration for some other book.

But that's not all! You can also search this website, to find the favourite readings of entire countries, regions, job types, cultural movements or groups in general. Do this through our "collective search" feature!

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  • Agatha Christie's favourite books / authors (infloox™)
  • The most famous readers of Agatha Christie's works (outfloox™)
Get details on Charles Dickens:
Get details on Bleak House:
  • Dickens's sources of inspiration

  • Influence of Bleak House on other books

  • The most famous readers of Bleak House

How Bleak House influenced Agatha Christie:
  • Sources for the information provided

  • Details concerning this influence

  • Weight of this influence

  • Visual cues for this influence

This example centered around Agatha Christie and, by extension, around one of her favourite authors: Charles Dickens. Of course, both happen to be writers of books; but this is just one example! You can find similar pages for any other types of famous persons: not only writers, but also politicians, movie actors, scientists, tycoons, jazz musicians, astronauts, impressionist painters, etc.—anyone who enjoyed reading or listening to music, or who might have been deeply impressed, influenced by one or more works in particular. That makes lots of famous people!

And if you want to find directly the influence of a work or author upon a famous person or upon another work, simply type both names or titles in the search box. For example: "bill clinton macbeth shakespeare".

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