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Yikes! That's probably not going to be the most fun page to read. Our lawyers were very proud of it, they apparently drunk lots of caffeine to come up with this text, but we remain of the opinion that this is not going to be the pièce de résistance of our entire website. And if you think it is, of course, please let us know. We would then either change lawyers (as their writing, being too good, would prove to be too distracting for our visitors), or change our entire business. And maybe go and sell used washing machines instead, or something of that sort.

All right, then. Now, take a big breath. Here we go.

Infloox Inc. owns and operates the website infloox.com as well as its mirror counterparts infloox.org, infloox.co.uk and infloox.ca. It also owns the infloox™ and outfloox™ trademarks.

The information contained in (and results obtained from) infloox are made available to you on the following terms:

  • Infloox Inc. is not an online book retailer and does not sell books, music or films.
  • Especially in the case of living famous people, none of the lists of favourite (or most influential) works and authors mean, or imply in any way whatsoever the endorsement or approval of their respective lists of works or favourite authors, of our compilations, of our site or of any other of its contents, by any of these famous people.
  • All lists of works and favourite authors contained in this website are not to be deemed recommendations, made or declared by any of the famous people, for purchasing specific books, music or films. Rather, they simply constitute factual (or, at times, conjectural) information originating from publicly-available sources or from conjectures and educated guesses.
  • The site is for your personal use only. Other than as necessary for the purpose of viewing the site for educational, cultural and other personal purposes, it is strictly forbidden to copy any material on this site or to store any or all of the contents of this site on a proxy server, cache or other similar form of storage.
  • You may not, except with our express prior written permission, distribute or commercially exploit the site.
  • Unless otherwise stated, all material on this site is copyright of Infloox 2010.
  • Sources of the information on influence pages. All quotations taken from sources regarding specific influences, favourite books, favourite music, favourite films or favourite authors remain the intellectual property of their respective originators. We do not assert any claim of copyright for individual quotations taken from sources.
  • This site and its content are provided as is. Neither infloox Inc. nor its moderators and contributors shall be held liable for any error in their research (of favourite books, favourite music, favourite films, favourite authors or influences), transcriptions and compilations, nor for any opinions, conjectures or educated guesses they may express. Infloox is not affiliated with the authors and/or publishers of the sources it uses and quotes. In addition, it is not responsible for their content.
  • Infloox shall take necessary precautions, so that all quotations from books, magazines, television interviews, websites and other published works included here (inputted either by staff of Infloox Inc., external moderators or ordinary visitors and contributors) fall under the fair-use or public domain guidelines of copyright law in all countries targeted by this website. Infloox shall intervene promptly, if it were suddenly to discover the existence of any such fair-use breach.
  • Throughout this website, Infloox qualified certain works as being “suitable for children.” Infloox interprets such expression very liberally, and parents or legal guardians of children should not choose works for their children solely on infloox's labelling. In principle, infloox's guideline for such age group is absolutely non-strict and refers generally to the age group between 5 and 12 years of age approximately. However, due to the nature of this website and of contributor's input and voting mechanisms, Infloox Inc. is not in the position of checking every single vote regarding suitability of certain books for children. In addition, errors and omissions in the research, editorial decisions and data inputting may have happened and may happen in the future. Such errors and omissions include those made by Infloox Inc.'s staff as well as those made by contributors, visitors and moderators. As a consequence of all the sentences above, Infloox Inc. cannot and does not accept any responsibility as to the appropriateness of a specific work for a specific child. Once again, the final decision to give to one's child a book should rest solely on the discretion of this child's parents or legal guardians.
  • Infloox™ and Outfloox™ are trademarks of Infloox Inc.
  • All relevant patents are currently pending in all geographic markets covered by this website.

Any infringement of Infloox's intellectual-property rights may result in appropriate legal action.

Your contributions via the forums, wikis, add a person, add a work, add an influence sections

  • If you choose to participate in the discussion in the forum section, add texts, reply to a post or start a new conversation, you declare that you are not breaching any third-party copyright or other intellectual property. Any quotation you may add to your text or contribution shall follow fair-usage standards. In particular, it must be limited in size and, if possible, be attributed to an author or source.
  • Infloox does not claim any intellectual property right or copyright on any text or contribution added by you, the visitor.
  • However, Infloox reserves the right to use or replicate your text (or portions thereof) on other pages and sections of this website. Such pages or sections may not necessarily be the same ones originally intended by you at the moment of your contribution. However, such use will remain in the spirit of the initial contribution and will be found in sections of infloox which are relevant to such contribution. Such sections may include pages focusing on related authors, works or themes as well as soon-to-come functionalities such as "what's new" (which compiles new entries so as to make new contributions immediately visible to visitors, say on the home page). In such cases, Infloox will try its utmost to mention either the name or username of the contributor. However, you understand that this may not necessarily always be possible, for example due to clear (and non-premeditated) reasons of space and page layout.
  • Infloox's intellectual property lies in its power and technology of compilation of the data: it lies on its way of presenting data inputted by external sources in a new, compact, innovative, insightful and fun way. It also claims intellectual property on its technology and on some of its computer-generated conclusions pertaining to compilations of infloox rankings (found on person or work pages, or collective influence pages), when such compilations would clearly have not been possible via traditional human deduction and bibliographical research.